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3rd Grade Tower Challenge

April 14, 2016

Students in Mrs. Leavins’ Third Grade Class recently competed against each other to construct the strongest newspaper tower. Each group was given 6 newspaper dowels and 1 foot of tape. Groups had to construct a tower using the materials, and the tower that could hold the most weight was the winner.  After the competition, students realized that a strong base was necessary to support the additional weight.

Mrs. Arban's 3rd graders are working on designing floor plans and then writing possessive nouns for each room. This reinforces critical thinking along with math and ELA skills.

To conclude their study of Landforms, Mrs. Meyer's class became Paleontologists and went digging for dinosaur fossils.

Main Idea Detectives

March 22, 2016

The students in Mrs. Hertzing's first-grade class were "Main Idea Detectives."  They wore their detective gear while putting together puzzles and then searching for the main idea and supporting details.

3rd Grade Passion Project

March 17, 2016

This group of third graders created a Passion Project during Genius Hour geared towards informing their peers about the dangers of greyhound racing. They recreated the pens greyhounds are kept in using Legos and shared ways to help stop greyhound racing.


Welcome to "Geo-Town"

March 11, 2016

Students in Mrs. Dawkins' 4th grader class are busy planning and designing their own "geo" towns!

FES kindergarten students entered the "castle" each day during a unit of study on fairy tales and castles. They did projects and even held a medieval feast to celebrate their new learning. A big thanks to several creative and diligent volunteers who helped build the castle and all of it parts. When visiting the kindergarten wing, you truly felt you were entering into a castle! Great job FES! 

Mrs. Leavins' 3rd graders have been studying the Underground Railroad as part of Black History Month. Parents joined their children on an Underground Railroad simulation. Students experienced the frustration and sadness of being a slave on the Underground Railroad. Only 6 of the 18 students were able to reach freedom after several failed attempts.