Johnny Appleseed Rock Your School DayFreeport Elementary flipped their classrooms for Rock the House Day on September 19, 2019.  Each grade transferred their classrooms around a learning theme. 

 Students in Kindergarten celebrated Johnny Appleseed with fun activities including apple tasting.  Students and teachers dressed like Johnny Appleseed.  First grade students explored bats based on their reading of Stella Luna.  They loved an echolocation activity, stem activities with flying bats and reading with flashlights. Rock the House-Bats

Second grade walked a runway like movie stars with descriptive adjectives and number bonds.  The students and teachers loved dressing for the runway. 

Rock the House-Decomposing numbersThird grade students became surgeons and surgically decomposed numbers using the distributive property and enjoyed travelling through the regions of the United States.  Other fantastic events included a library tour through Washington D.C, Mrs. Saltsman's drum circle outside, mining for syllables, and many EPIC activities!

    Rock the House- Drum Circle under the trees