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During Literacy Week at FES, Superintendent Hughes and members of the district Title 1 department (Myca Harrison, Jaime Mitchell, Lori Hughes, Darius Paul) read some of their favorite books to students in 2nd and 3rd grade.

100 Days of School

January 27, 2017

Kindergarten had to save 100's Day! Devious Agent 99 stole Zero the Hero and if students did not save him, it would be the 99th day of school forever! Students had to scan their fingerprints for access into the class and then were fingerprinted and received their secret agent badges. The morning was spent in stations completing activities that focused around the number 100. Later, students made 100 piece snacks with explosive spy potions, and then stacked 100 cups. After each mission, they received a self-destructing message and a clue of where to find Zero the Hero. The clues led to P.E., and they found a box waiting full of spy kits for the kids. 



To kick off Literacy Week FES students were visited by author/illustrator, Michelle Nelson-Schmidt, on January 19. She shared her books, artwork, and love of literacy with students in grades 1-4.

When studying Christmas around the world, FES 2nd graders rotated from "country to country". While in Australia, they enjoyed guest speakers Mr. Norman, a FES tutor, and his parents, Richard and Johanne Norman. The Normans are from Australia and were happy to tell the children how Christmas is celebrated in the land "down under".

Happy Retirement Mr. Bishop

December 15, 2016

After years of dedicated service to the staff and students of Freeport Elementary School, Mr. Marvin Bishop, Plant Manager, will hang up his tool belt for the last time. We wish him a happy and joyful retirement.

Kindergarten Authors!

December 9, 2016

This week Mrs. Meyer's class has been working on a great cooperative learning project. They read a variety of Gingerbread text and wanted to explain the resolution. First, they planned the story with guidance by brainstorming. Next, they used their letters and sounds to spell phonetically to create sentences and add illustrations. Then, they used iPads to recreate the planned writing by using the app PicCollage. Last, the students added clipart, text, and background. They finally were ready to publish their writing. The students did a wonderful job throughout this project!!!

FES staff selected Glenda Knutson as Educational Support Personnel of the Year and Anne Brinkmann as the Teacher of the Year. Congratulations to these ladies!

Northwest Florida Environmental Stewards partner with Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance(CBA), a non-profit watershed organization, to achieve critical education and environmental restoration needs in the Choctawhatchee watershed. The flagship program of the AmeriCorps-CBA partnership is Grasses in Classes, a hands-on environmental education project for third- and fifth-graders in Okaloosa and Walton counties. CBA provides schools the requipment and materials needed to grow shoreline grasses in school-based salt marsh nurseries. While students tend the salt marsh nurseries throughout the school year, they are educated on the role of shoreline grasses in providing critical habitat and preventing erosion and water pollution. At the end of the year-long program, students travel to a restoration site along the Choctawhatchee Bay to transplant their matured          shoreline grasses under the supervision of the AmeriCorps team.