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4-H Tropicana Speech Contest

November 17, 2015

FES held its annual 4th grade Tropciana Speech contest on November 17, 2015. Eight 4th graders represented their classes by presenting a speech of their choice in front of their peers, staff, and families. Winners were ( R-L in photo); 1st Place-Amelia Dykes, 2nd Place- Makenzi Harbaugh, 3rd Place-Trinity Gilbert. Congratulations to all students for a job well done!


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It's A Grand Old Flag

October 22, 2015

Students in Ms. Stacey's 2nd grade class are learning about America’s Symbols. They recently started learning learning facts and etiquette about the American flag.

The Rosemary Beach Foundation presented cellist Carrie Miller to the 4th grade classes at FES. The musician's performance was part of the annual music/art contest known as Music in Pictures. 4th graders will be creating a painting based upon a choice of selected classical music pieces. The event will take place later in the school year.

9/28-10/1 Marine life artist Wyland is in Destin at the mid-bay marina repainting his famous mural. Families can visit the marina to watch the restoration of the Whaling Wall or paint on large canvases set up from 8am-6pm. A presentation was made to 2nd and 3rd graders at FES about the importance of protecting large marine animals who live on the coast.

An Apple a Day......

September 25, 2015

Mrs. Ford's class studied a unit on Johnny Appleseed and celebrated his birthday by tasting "all things apple".

Ms. Ray's first graders participated in a unit study on worms. They learned all about worms, what they need, and how they help the soil. They built worm habitats in jars and then introduced live worms to their new homes.