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The Dugas Family Foundation contributed $3,280 designated to promote the "love of reading" in every student by providing books for school libraries, teacher libraries, and home libraries. FES is so apprecative for this generous gift.


May 13, 2016

FES staff, students, and families participated in a Cancer Freeze Event on May 6th to help raise funds for local cancer patients. It was a day of lwalking, PE challenges, dunking booth splashes, dancing, and lots of fun. When it was over, everyone had come together to raise over $2000.00 for a worthy cause!

FES Does the Zumba!

May 2, 2016

Tallahassee, Fla.— April 25-29 is Every Kid HealthyTM Week and the Florida Department of Health in Walton County is promoting Healthy physical activities at Walton County elementary schools in DeFuniak Springs to promote and celebrate their school’s wellness achievements. This week, local health offices statewide are partnering with schools to host events related to nutrition, physical activity and learning. 

Holly Holt, Health officer, DOH Walton stated “we are pleased that all elementary schools in Walton county are participating in a Zumbathon during their Physical Education classes this week. “ “Unhealthy weight puts children at risk for a variety of health complications and chronic diseases. Evidence shows students who eat right and are physically active in school learn healthy lifelong habits and are better equipped to succeed academically”, stated Ms. Holt.

Launched nationally by Action for Healthy Kids in 2013, Every Kid Healthy Week is an annual observance held in the last week of April that shines a spotlight on the great efforts schools are making to improve the health and wellness of their students. The observance also provides an opportunity for everyone in the country to get involved by supporting sound nutrition, regular physical activity and health-promoting programs in schools. 

The Department of Health in Walton County provided the Zumba DVD’s with several dances to choose from so they can be used the entire week.  All 7 elementary schools will be entered into a National Data Base and will be recognized for participation.

1st graders colloaboratively worked on STEM projects where they designed and recreated the Three Little Pigs' houses. The Big Bad Wolf (a hair dryer) came to try and blow their houses down! They weren't afraid of the Big Bad Wolf!


Reptiles Anyone?

April 22, 2016

Parents, Matthew and Margaret Aresco, shared several reptiles with 2nd graders and explained interesting facts and details about them.

Please congratulate Mrs. Brianna Leavins for receiving the WJHG Golden Apple Award. Her class nominated her, and she was presented her award this morning. The news segment will air on 4/21 @ 6:45 am and 5 pm. After the 5pm airing, it will be available at Way to go Mrs. Leavins!!


A group of 3rd graders planned and held a bake sale for the 3rd and 4th students to help raise money for the Alaqua Animal Rescue. They were able to raise $150.00 to be donated to the rescue center.
Mrs. Arban's 3rd graders are working on designing floor plans and then writing possessive nouns for each room. This reinforces critical thinking along with math and ELA skills.

3rd Grade Tower Challenge

April 14, 2016

Students in Mrs. Leavins’ Third Grade Class recently competed against each other to construct the strongest newspaper tower. Each group was given 6 newspaper dowels and 1 foot of tape. Groups had to construct a tower using the materials, and the tower that could hold the most weight was the winner.  After the competition, students realized that a strong base was necessary to support the additional weight.

To conclude their study of Landforms, Mrs. Meyer's class became Paleontologists and went digging for dinosaur fossils.