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Gay Pannell

Title 1 Instructional Resource Teacher

Phone:  850.892-1211 x2363

Email:  [email protected]

What is Title 1?

Title I is the largest federal assistance program for our nation’s schools. The goal of Title I is a higher quality of education for every child. The program serves millions of children in elementary and secondary schools each year. Freeport Elementary School is a Title I school.

How does Title 1 work?

The federal government provides funding to states each year for Title I. The Florida Department of Education sends the money to the district. The school district identifies eligible schools and provides Title I funds. Freeport Elementary School implements a school-wide program, which means all students are served under Title I.

What do Parents have the Right to Know?

Parents can request and receive information on the qualifications of your child’s teacher; and be informed if your child is taught by a non-highly qualified teacher for four or more consecutive weeks. All FES teachers and paraprofessionals are highly-qualified.

Interested in joining?

FES has several school based committees that include parent members. This is in an effort to involve parents in the decision-making process. A letter was sent home the first week of school giving you the opportunity to let us know if you were interested in participating. If you didn't get a letter or are still interested, please contact Gay Pannell, at 892-1211, or [email protected]

Committees include- School Improvement Team, PTO, School Parent Advisory Council, and the District Advisory Council.

School, District, and State Report Cards

2019-2020 School, District, and State Report Cards

School Report Card for 2019-20 not available. FSA test results not available due to School Closures.  Please refer to 2018-19 School, District, and State Report Cards. 

2018-2019 School, District, and State Report Cards

The Florida Department of Education is pleased to announce the release of the 2018-2019 School, District, and State Report Cards in the EduData Portal (

These report cards serve as a valuable resource for parents, educators and stakeholders by offering greater transparency into how Florida’s districts and schools are doing regarding student achievement and success. It not only provides the 2018-2019 performance data, but also contains a State Report Card, educator qualifications and equity, per-pupil expenditures, and national data.

The department will continue to update information in the report cards as new data becomes available, as well as develop new enhancements based on user feedback received through the portal. News and updates about ongoing enhancements will be provided to those who subscribe through the portal.

If you need assistance accessing or navigating the EduData Portal, please contact your school’s Title I Contact, Gay Pannell, at 850-892-1211, ext. 2363 or [email protected]