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Picture Day 2021

September 24, 2021

Picture Day for all students will be Wednesday, 9/29/2021.

On Monday, March 30th in regards to food distribution, please see the following change. Food pick up at our five sites (Paxton, Mossy Head, Maude Saunders Elementary, Walton Middle, and Freeport High School) will now be from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

COVID-19 Update March 27, 2020


We hope you can watch our newly released video message.  Superintendent A. Russell Hughes, along with his district office staff, would like to dedicate this message to all Walton County School District students, parents, and employees.  The video serves as a special thank you to parents, who are the rock stars of our first ever At-Home Learning model.  We could not have done this week without you, and we appreciate you!  We also miss our students and employees dearly and all of you are in our hearts and minds as we navigate these uncharted waters TOGETHER.

Before we get to academics, we must give a big thank you to our extraordinary bus drivers and food service workers.  Because of you, along with district and school teams, the WCSD is feeding approximately 1,500 children, a total of 3,000 meals, on a daily basis.  Due to this response, we will continue to provide meals for children ages 1 to 18 at our five school sites and on bus routes throughout Walton County.  We also want to thank our partners, the Florida Department of Agriculture, Food for Thought, The Matrix, and numerous restaurants and organizations throughout Walton County. 

We do have two changes that are coming Monday, March 30th in regards to food distribution.  First, food pick up at our five sites (Paxton, Mossy Head, Maude Saunders Elementary, Walton Middle, and Freeport High School) will now be from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  Also, there has been small changes to our bus routes, which were posted yesterday.  These changes include lengthening stop times and adding additional stops. 

Looking at academics, we want to thank and recognize our parents who have started WCSD’s At-Home Learning plan.  We have heard from so many of you, and we appreciate your dedication to your children and your positive attitudes.  We can see our students logging on daily to Class Link and their success in our many online platforms, such as Compass Learning, Study Island, Khan Academy, and more, which we are now so grateful to have had in place.  

As we are transferring instruction back to schools, please visit your school’s website.  Each individual campus will post their own At-Home Learning Calendar for the week of March 30th.  Many of the schools’ plans may mirror our initial At-Home Learning Calendar as we are using parents’ feedback from this week.  Many of you have said you appreciate straight forward and clear directions as you embark on this new journey. 

Parents, we have mailed report cards home, so you can view your child’s grades for the third nine weeks, which reflects work prior to Spring Break.  Please expect report cards on Monday.  Teachers will also begin to reach out to you regarding how we will capture your child’s work during our At Home Learning model.

We also want to welcome back our teachers and staff at schools next week; however, as we continue to keep our employees safe, we may work in a variety of different settings and times in order to follow CDC guidelines.  Parents, as teachers return, you will start to see them reach out to you via phone or other technology.  When we reach out, please let us know any individual questions or concerns you may have.  This can include technology help, curriculum clarifications, and content questions.  Your school’s administration will also be available as school offices will be open Monday through Friday during your school’s typical hours.  Please contact your individual school for questions and concerns.  You can also submit a question via any school or district webpage.  We are here to help you and your child!

As a final note, we just want to say thank you again to students, parents, employees, and the entire Walton County community.  We have received well wishes and positive messages from so many groups and individuals, and it is appreciated more than you know.  We are so blessed to be a part of such a strong community that values education!  Please continue to stay safe, and thank you!





Attention New Bus Stops for COVID-19 Delivery!!

COVID-19 Update March 26, 2020

Please see our revised bus route list for food distribution and Paper Portfolios. Many bus stops have remained the same; however, some times have been changed and a few new stops have been added. These changes take place Friday, March 27th. We continue to work to make our food distribution routes as smooth as possible. Thank you!

Actualización de COVID-19 - 26 de marzo de 2020

Consulte nuestra nueva ruta de autobuses para la distribución de alimentos y las carpetas con materiales. Muchas paradas de autobús han permanecido igual; sin embargo, algunas se han cambiado y se han agregado algunas paradas nuevas. Estos cambios ocurrirán el viernes 27 de marzo. Continuamos trabajando para que nuestras rutas de distribución de alimentos sean lo más fluidas posible. ¡Gracias!

Route # Stop Location Stop Time Primary Secondary
11-10 Covid-19 Gaskin Park 9:30:00 AM Worley, Crystal Montalvo, Shellly
  Darlington Community Center 9:55:00 AM    
  Glendale Store 10:15:00 AM    
  New Harmony Baptist Church 10:55:00 AM    
Route # Stop Location Stop Time Primary Secondary
21-10 Covid-19 Dollar General 9:15:00 AM Bass, Susan Atlow, Carrie
  Whole 9 Yards 9:35:00 AM    
  Long Rd & Richardson Rd 9:50:00 AM    
  Richardson Rd & Holly Tree Ln 10:05:00 AM    
  Delaware Rd & Elmwood Rd 10:25:00 AM    
Route # Stop Location Stop Time Primary Secondary
31-10 Covid-19 McKinnon Bridge Rd & Red Hill Rd 9:00:00 AM Boyer, Myrna Helms, Robert
  Euchee Valley Presbyterian Church 9:30:00 AM    
  8292 CO HIGHWAY 183 S 10:00:00 AM    
  Pleasant Valley Baptist Church 10:30:00 AM    
Route # Stop Location Stop Time Primary Secondary
31-11 Covid-19 Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church 9:15:00 AM Montegomery, Brenda Smith, Patrishia
  Pleasant Ridge Arena 9:30:00 AM    
  Southwide Baptist Church 9:45:00 AM    
  Cope Center 10:00:00 AM    
  First Baptist Church - Woodlawn 10:15:00 AM    
Route # Stop Location Stop Time Primary Secondary
31-12 Covid-19 Bob Sikes Rd & Willie B Parker Rd 9:10:00 AM Williams, Jim Green, Beth
  Bear Head 9:25:00 AM    
  Watson Rd & US Highway 90 W 9:40:00 AM    
  US Highway 90 W & Girl Scout Rd 9:50:00 AM    
  Walden Rd & US Highway 90 W 10:20:00 AM    
  Caring & Sharing on US Highway 90 W 10:40:00 AM    
Route # Stop Location Stop Time Primary Secondary
31-13 Covid-19 Cluster Springs Baptist Church 9:15:00 AM Moore, Barbara Cordle, Stacey
  Old Liberty Fire Department on Kings Lake Rd 9:35:00 AM    
  Caswell Rd & Martin Rd 9:55:00 AM    
  Oakridge Rd & Beethoven Dr & Franck Dr 10:15:00 AM    
  Juniper Lake Rd & Red Eye Rd @ Park 10:30:00 AM    
  Juniper Lake Rd & Lake Rosemary Ct 10:45:00 AM    
Route # Stop Location Stop Time Primary Secondary
31-14 Covid-19 Riviera Apartments @ N Davis Ln 9:05:00 AM Goodson, Melinda Goodman, Genora
  Shelter Rd & US Highway 90 E 9:25:00 AM    
  Melhorn's 9:40:00 AM    
  Pleasant Grove Baptist Church 10:00:00 AM    
  Friendship Baptist Church 10:15:00 AM    
  Fannin's 10:35:00 AM    
Route # Stop Location Stop Time Primary Secondary
31-15 Covid-19 Piggly Wiggly 9:00:00 AM Baldwin, Marcus Santiago, Sharon
  Arbour Apartments 9:15:00 AM    
  Twin Trees Dr & N 20th St 9:35:00 AM    
  Apache Dr & Hedger St 9:50:00 AM    
  Heritage Apartments 10:00:00 AM    
  Old Tivoli Gym 10:15:00 AM    
  S Norwood Rd & Beech Ln 10:25:00 AM    
  German Club Rd & Old Landfill Rd 10:40:00 AM    
  Park @ Vann Ave 10:50:00 AM    
  Oakdale Apartments 11:05:00 AM    
Route # Stop Location Stop Time Primary Secondary
41-10 Covid-19 Memorial Ln & Creekside Dr 9:20:00 AM Blake, Tina Alessio, Michelle
  County Highway 3280 & Buck Bishop Rd 9:35:00 AM    
  Bruce Cafe 9:50:00 AM    
  Fire Department on J W Hollington Rd 10:05:00 AM    
  Black Creek General Store 10:30:00 AM    
  W Mallard Creek Dr & Old Jolly Bay Rd 10:50:00 AM    
Route # Stop Location Stop Time Primary Secondary
41-11 Covid-19 Magnolia St & Homestead St 9:25:00 AM Simmons, Naomi Isaac, Leah
  Choctaw Beach Community Center 9:45:00 AM    
  Industrial Park on State Highway 20 W 10:00:00 AM    
  Nick's 10:15:00 AM    
  Portland United Methodist Church 10:30:00 AM    
  Loop Trailer Park 10:45:00 AM    
  Heritage Church 10:55:00 AM    
  Hansen Rd & Beulah Dr E 11:10:00 AM    
  Freeport Middle School 11:20:00 AM    
Route # Stop Location Stop Time Primary Secondary
41-12 Covid-19 Rock Hill Rd & Ed Brown Field Rd 9:00:00 AM Burch, Donna Cooksey, Shanann
  High Lonesome Rd & Rock Hill Rd 9:15:00 AM    
  Rock Hill Rd & McKinnon Bridge Rd 9:30:00 AM    
  Rock Hill Rd & Walton Bridge Rd 9:45:00 AM    
  Red Bay Baptist Church 10:00:00 AM    
  Mount Olive Church @ 6280 State Highway 81 10:15:00 AM    
Route # Stop Location Stop Time Primary Secondary
61-10 Covid-19 Grady Brown Park 9:00:00 AM Disler, Sara Schmatolla, Vicki
  Emerald Coast Christian Center 9:30:00 AM    
  Indian Woman Rd & E Ann St 10:00:00 AM    
  E Nursery Rd & Indian Woman Rd 10:25:00 AM    
  Cessna Park 10:45:00 AM    

We are here for you!

March 23, 2020

We miss our student families and we know this is hard and confusing.  We are here to support you, and we want to give you some very important information.  Please watch the following video and contact us if you have any questions.

COVID-19 Update 3/20/20 update!!

Updated Information

March 20, 2020

COVID-19 March 20

The WCSD has produced two items for you, a food distribution flyer and food distribution via bus route information.  As a reminder, food distribution will begin on Monday, March 23rd at five school sites, and on Wednesday, March 25th, food distribution will also occur using common bus stops as well.  Thank you for sharing our flyer! Please visit the WCSD website for more information at

El Distrito Escolar del Condado de Walton ha producido dos nuevos materiales para usted, un folleto de distribución de alimentos y distribución de alimentos a través de la ruta del autobús. Como recordatorio, la distribución de alimentos comenzará el lunes 23 de marzo en cinco sitios escolares, y el miércoles 25 de marzo, la distribución de alimentos también se realizará mediante paradas de autobús.
¡Gracias por compartir nuestro folleto!

Click here for a copy of the  Food Distribution Flyer 

Click here for copy of Food Distribution Bus Stops

The March 2020 Monthly Update from Superintendent A. Russell Hughes is here!

This month's video was filmed at the District Office Tivoli Complex in DeFuniak Springs. Superintendent Hughes shares important end of the 9 weeks information, as well as Kindergarten registration, Arts in Education Month, Women in History Month, and accolades for recently received awards and successes,
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In honor of Read Across America week and Dr. Seuss' birthday, Kindergarten and First Grade students received a rare guest reader.  A visit from the Cat in the Hat!  Students enjoyed a story and some hand shakes from their special guest.

COVID-19 Update

The Walton County School Board continues to be proactive in the prevention of COVID-19.
On Tuesday night, Ms. Holt, from the Florida Department of Health in Walton County, presented the latest information regarding the virus and provided guidance on best school health practices. Superintendent A. Russell Hughes shared that the school district will continue to take precautionary measures including sanitizing schools and buses, ordering additional cleaning supplies, and posting updates for parents on social media.
The district also shared that state and community collaboration is taking place on a daily basis. Just this morning, Superintendent Hughes participated in a statewide conference call that included Florida Governor DeSantis, the Florida Surgeon General, and Florida Department of Education officials.
Communication will continue on a regular basis with the Florida Department of Health in Walton County.
For the most up to date information on COVID-19, please call the Florida hotline at 866-779-6121

Important Information Regarding COVID-19

The Walton County School District is staying up-to-date on COVID-19 through consistent communication with the Florida Department of Education and the Walton County Health Department.  The health and safety of our students is always our number one priority.  As always during the flu season, our schools are working hard to keep all school surfaces and furniture clean and sanitary, but we have extended our efforts in order to be as proactive as possible for our students and employees.


All of us can also help prevent the spread of germs.  Reminders can include:


* Wash hands often with soap and water

* Use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available

* Appropriately cover coughs and sneezes

* Keep hands away from eyes, nose, and mouth

* Stay home if you are sick


The number and websites below provide additional information:


* State Hotline for Florida - 866-779-6121

* Florida Department of Health -

* Walton Department of Health -

* Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -

The FES Odyssey of the Mind team has qualified for the state competition. The team of third and fourth grade students will travel to Orlando on April 10th and 11th to compete in the Florida Odyssey of the Mind.

The team competed on February 22nd in the Division 1 Competition at Shoal River Middle School in Crestview. They solved problem three, Effective Detective, without receiving any penalties or zeroes and scored the highest in the performance category.  They placed second by only three points. 

Team members include third graders Brylee Leavins, Alyssa Graham, Kase McCullers, Sophia Barrientos, Selena Vosper, and Madison Chun. They are led by their amazing coaches Teresa Tripp and Debbie Duncan. We are very proud of the 2020 FES Odyssey team!

Odyssey of the Mind is a program that has challenged students for over twenty-five years to think “beyond the box.” Team members apply their creativity to solve problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics. They then bring their solutions to competition on the local, state, and world level. Thousands of teams from throughout the U.S. and about 25 other countries participate in the program.  For more information, visit

FES Puts a Freeze on Cancer

February 6, 2020

Freeport Elementary students raised over $4000 for Cancer Freeze. Students donated money during their P.E. classes and earned rubber ducks from the coach’s duck pond. The students competed for the right to participate in a “Pie the Teacher” reward for the class raising the most money.

First grade students raised $1,091, and won the honor of “Pie the Teacher.” Ava Garrett and Aiden Hester were the top earners for the first grade and got to personally smoosh a pie.  Special pie recipients were coaches: Cortez Caldwell, Amy Brassell, Holly Martin, and Assistant Principal, Laurie Campbell.  The first grade students were very excited about the fundraiser and watching the pie presentation. Third grade students came in a very close 2nd place raising $1,055 and were invited to watch the presentation as runner up.

A check for $4044.46 was presented to Jennifer Davidson from Cancer Freeze, a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to chosen individual(s) from South Alabama or Northwest Florida who are battling cancer. Freeport Elementary wants to thank Cancer Freeze for their amazing work in helping our local residents; all students and families for their notable generosity; and Holly Martin and Amy Brassell for organizing this awesome fundraiser.


For more information on the Cancer Freeze organization, please visit or their Facebook page by clicking here.

Superintendent Hughes' Monthly Video Update has been published! Please watch and share!
This month's video was filmed at the Walton County School District office in DeFuniak Springs, Fl. Superintendent Hughes shares the recent Graduation Rate data, upcoming special events, and introduces the new principal at Van R. Butler Elementary School, Mr. James "Jimmy" Ross.

FES Celebrates Literacy Week

January 27, 2020

January 27th – 31st is Literacy Week at FES.  Parent Information notes came home on Friday!  There are many activities planned for students during this week. Look for a Reading Passport to come home on Monday. Students are asked to wear bright colors on Tuesday to show that their future is BRIGHT when their literacy skills are strong! Enjoy reading!


January 21, 2020

The Freeport Elementary School Lego League team, FES Engineers, competed this past weekend and qualified for upcoming Regionals in Tallahassee on February 21st & 22nd. “It was very exciting when they announced that our team made it,” said Mark Siefke. They were one of 24 teams to qualify out of 94.  Teams were judged on multiple criteria including presentation of their project which was building a safe playground, the missions completed, their robot, and their robot design executive summaries.  The team accomplished 4 successful missions. Will Ludwig shared, “It was amazing that a young team like ours did so well at this competition.”  The teams were also judged on core values and how well they worked together. 

FES Engineers team members are Dani Rae Maliszewski, Will Ludwig, Amberly McDermott, Mark Siefke, Annabelle Carl, Selena Vosper, Michael Aresco, and Conner Spiva.  They are coached by 4th grade teacher, Nicole Ludwig, and parent volunteer, Amber Spiva. 

First Lego League is for elementary and middle school-aged students (grades 4-8).  They research a real-world engineering challenge, develop a solution, and compete with LEGO-based robots of their own design.  For more information, visit

Freeport Elementary Students having been saving money for Cancer Freeze, a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to chosen individual(s) from South Alabama or Northwest Florida who is battling cancer.  Students are “Freezing for a Reason” by donating money during their P.E. classes.  For every $5 they donate, they get to take a duck from the coach’s pond and the grade level that raises the most money, gets to participate a “Pie the Teacher” reward.  Students are very excited and so far have raised over $1600 for the Cancer Freeze organization.  Donations will be accepted until January 24th and the winning grade level will be announced on January 29th.  Special thanks to Coaches Holly Martin and Amy Brassell for organizing this great fundraiser, and to Coach Caldwell for volunteering to take some pie in the face.


For more information on the Cancer Freeze organization, please visit or their Facebook page by clicking here.

Lost and Found Overflowing

January 8, 2020

Attention Parents!

If your child is missing a coat or lunchbox, please check the lost and found. We are overflowing.