Military-Connected Students & Families


Our Commitment

As a State designated Purple Star School of Distinction, it is the on-going goal of our administration, faculty, and staff to respond to the academic, relational, and social-emotional challenges military-connected students encounter when they transition to a new school or when a parent/guardian deploys for an extended period of time. Freeport Elementary has more military-connected students than any other school in Walton County School District...and that number is growing. We strive create a school culture where students are able to respond to each other's challenges with kindness, friendship, integrity, courage, optimism, grit, honest, and respect...our school's character traits.  One of the main reasons we are so excited about the student-led transition program. This will allow the students to show each other what it really means to be an FES Wildcat.

FES Military Family Reference Guide

On Our Campus

FES Military Liaison 

Our primary point of contact for our Military Families on Campus. 

Tania Eastman,

FES School Counselor 
850-892-1211 x2312 

Transition Program

FES has new student-led transition program to assist military students coming into the school. The PAWS team (Peers Assisting & Welcoming Students)

Ben Watson,
Title 1 Coordinator 

Professional Development 

The professional development provided to our staff is aimed at being mindful of military family life in order to offer the best supportspossible while students transition to and are enrolled at FES. (Virtual & in person options)

Janamey Kelly,
Bilingual Aide

Enrollment Capacity

FES reserves at least 5% of controlled open enrollment seats, as defined in Section 1002.31, F.S., for military students. For any questions regarding enrollment, please contact our Data Control Specialist. 

Pam Baker,

Team Eglin School Liaison Officer (SLO)

Military Family Resource Access 

A comprehensive list of military family resources is available via the Team Eglin School Liaison Officer webpage.

Elaine LaJeunesse,
Team Eglin School Liaison Officer 


Click >>HERE<< to access Team Eglin's SLO site

Student-led Transition Program

Peers Assisting & Welcoming Students (PAWS)

The Freeport Elementary School PAWS team supports and welcomes new military-connected students as they transition to FES. For many of these students, a PAWS team member may be the first connection they make at FES. PAWS team members are a representation of FES’s expected behavior during any duty they are performing and it is imperative that they are always striving to demonstration our House Character Traits.


PAWS Faculty Advisors,
Mr. Watson and Mrs. Eastman


22-23 PAWS Team
(some members not pictured),
Mrs. Eastman, Mrs. Edwards, and Mrs. Lewis